The brand

Mardelia Rivero Jewelry was born as a business initiative whose goal is to merge art, balance, aesthetics and beauty, placing it at the service of today's woman. Each piece designed invites us to meet harmony and individual vitality.

The Brand is characterized by the appropriate combination of materials, as well as stones and crystals, since they are an expression of nature, the frequency they emanate, brings balance to those who connect with them. Gems such as jade, jasper, agate and tiger's eye, linked to ancient cultures that promoted harmony and balance in their tribes.

In my creations I seek to achieve the perfect balance between the urban and the classic, because for me it is the PERFECT COMBINATION to recreate the beauty of today's woman.

The Mardelia Rivero Jewelry pieces are presented as a novel alternative, full of joy, color and simplicity, ready to frame the outfit of "The Real Woman", a woman who shows herself to the world as she is and without fear of being accepted, comes conquering spaces in various areas of society.

Brand Stamps


Expressed in the simplicity that characterizes artisan creation.

Achieved by balancing dimensions, shapes and color in each piece.

Proper fusion of styles. The wonderful meeting of the classic and the urban.

Expressed in the visual freshness and aesthetics of each creation.

Perfect confabulation of all the elements.